Obsession Is A Good Thing

Obsession is a righteously good thing. In life, it motivates us. In joy, it presents us with pleasure. It is both stick and carrot, carrying us ever onward.

The best example of obsession being good is being obsessed with a girl. Pick-Up Artists are trained to never focus exclusively on one girl. But when you really want that one thing, it becomes that much sweeter. The girl you really like fills your fantasies and your moods.

What you want is to balance that obsession off with the flexibility to get rid of the one chick you like if she becomes a hassle. Don’t let the obsession completely get its way with you. Use it as a pleasure.

Likewise, when obsession is your motivator, keep a rational mind about things. Be aware when you are going down the wrong trail. If you want to do writing, but suck at writing, consider that it may not be a viable career-choice for you. If you want to sing, but don’t have the willpower to form a band, maybe the shower’s the one place you can go.

Obsession presents us with a riddle: How is it some people are more naturally obsessed than others? What makes an obsessive personality?

I believe the answer lies in how much one loves life. If you are having a really good time existing in this 3-dimensional universe you will be more prone to be severely attached to it and its aspects. The other possibility is that one is a loser. Sadly, losers can get obsessed too. This is a problem because obsession is a spice really meant for winners. The man who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan to win the favor of Jodie Foster was obsessed, too, and he was clearly a loser. When you’re a loser, and you’re obsessed, all manner of shit can hit the fan. You have to have at least a chance of being on the winning side of life in order to extract all the benefits from the World of Obsession.

— Greg Nikolic


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2 responses to “Obsession Is A Good Thing”

  1. So true. I have obsessions good and bad ones. I know the feeling of when it hooks me on something. I’m fine going down a rabbit hole just as long there is a rabbit and wonderland at the end of it.


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