Reap The Whirlwind

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” — ancient proverb

Wars go back and forth. Atrocities on both sides. When does it end?

It ends when people start to forget.

Amnesia is the great cure-all for this world’s ails. Look at Israel. Possessor of numerous nukes, they could lob a few at Germany in retaliation for the Holocaust, but do they do this? No. They have, effectively, forgotten and moved on.

During the 1960s, when terrorist groups like The Weathermen were springing up across the United States, was there a Native American terrorist group, seeking “justice” for past conquests? No, there was not. Laziness, or forgetfulness, had won the day.

Latin America is built on the bones of past empires. But “el jefe” still rules the roost, the white man who descended from the conquistador’s pure blood. There is no civil unrest there. Instead, there is universal acceptance of el jefe’s ways and rod of command.

During the Civil War, cousin killed cousin, and bitterness could have consumed the South. But they demurely, timidly, marched back under the banner of the Union and they haven’t looked back since.

There is a lesson here. People are willing to have their ass kicked. They are accepting when their ass is handed to them on a platter. Look at all the modern massacres, from the Killing Fields of Cambodia to the ethnic cleansing of Whiteskinned Bosnia. Many people will go to their deaths like sheep. Like sheep.

It’s not just the gun in the hand that leads them to bow their heads. It’s the veil of authority being exerted. Au-thor-i-tah, as Cartman of South Park would put it. Cartman is fascinated by authority and authority figures, as are most normal people. People feel powerless, and when the knock on the window comes at two in the morning, they feel the knock is justified — whatever the reasons — rather than treating it as a rudeness or an inconvenience. People live in fear of the State.

In democracies, this is subsumed somewhat as it is the People who wield the whip hand. But many people are leery around the Cops, and they are the manifestation of Common-Day Authority.

This is funny, because the police wall themselves off from society. Day after day of blowback from those they deal with make the police themselves leery of exposing too much of themselves to the great unwashed, the public.

You can get away with a lot in this world, if you do it with a confident swagger and in cahoots with a few close friends. Communism ruled Russia for Gorbachev’s entire lifespan before he toppled it accidentally; the point is the Reds were a tiny vanguard pushing an entire body politic, like the tail of a sperm moving a woman in her bed.

The American Revolution was another minority-movement, led by determined men who didn’t give a rat’s ass what the majority thought. While they were arguing their Federalist Papers, Loyalists were making plans to move to Ontario to stay close to Mother England. The majority of “Americans” were more apathetic than outraged by the “massacres” of the redcoats. The determined American elite had decided severance was the only proper measure, and they were bloody well going to back it with an iron fist.

They won. Just as Islam is the final truth of religion, American civil society is protected against “all enemies, foreign or domestic” in the written-down paper of the Constitution.

The loyalists never were bitter about losing. They didn’t start a “Hate America” campaign in Ontario (where I’m from) in their schools and churches. Why? They got their asses handed to them, and they were accepting of this.

The Iraqis got their asses handed majorly to them by the Americans, 25000 to 1. They too slunk off with their head at their breastbone. Into the dust of the future go the victors. Bending over to pick up their lost flags, and getting their asses booted in the process, are the losers.

Take that, motherfucking losers!

— Greg Nikolic


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  1. There’s always next year, as I say about the losing teams I root for. Best to stay out of conflicts, in my view. During the Civil War, California sold to both sides. There can be a lot of profit in being a bystander.


    • What is it the Texans say? The only thing in the middle of the road is the yellow line and the run-over armadillo. I think they mean there comes a time when a man has to man up and CHOOSE SIDES TO BE ON. It’s always best to approach this with a clear sight and a full heart.

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